The accomplices are people involved, helped or were neutrally associated with the Fox River eight.

Season 1Edit

Aldo BurrowsEdit

Charles WestmorelandEdit

Manche SanchezEdit

  • Related: Fernando Sucre
  • Against: None
  • Helped Micheal to deliver messages and get the guards uniform, was one of the escapees but he cannot make it through the walls. (1x18)

Sara TancrediEdit

Season 2Edit

Aldo BurrowsEdit

dead by Mahone.

Alexander MahoneEdit

Debra Jean BelleEdit

Dede FranklinEdit

Henry PopeEdit

Kacee FranklinEdit

Maricruz DelgadoEdit

Nika VolekEdit

Paul KellermanEdit

Sara TancrediEdit


  • Related: Charles Patoshik
  • Against: Brad Bellick
  • Has meet Haywire. Haywire later killed her father, and Sasha did not blamed him as she hated her father and did not provide information to Bellick.


  • Related: Fernando Sucre
  • Against: None
  • Has meet Sucre after he broke out but did not turn him in.



  • C-Note's friend who helped him brought Dede back.
  • Sucre's friend who borrowed him a motorcycle.