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Anna Westmoreland

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   None (first mentioned in 1x11)
Last appearance:   None (last mentioned in 1x21)
Portrayed by:   (unknown actor)

Anna Westmoreland is Charles Westmoreland's only child and daughter. She is a victim of esophageal cancer, as revealed by Warden Henry Pope to Westmoreland. She will die in a few week's time. However, Westmoreland are not allowed to see her before her death, until her funeral was held. (1x11) She became the catalyst of Westmoreland escaping. Before Westmoreland's death, he told Michael to share his money, hijacked under the name "D. B. Cooper", to be shared among the convicts and Anna, and urged Michael to visit her before her death. (1x21)

During the episode 2x08, Michael tells Sucre that some of the money they thought they had in the hiking pack was to go to Anna as Westmoreland had requested.


  • Since it's 3 weeks after the escape, Michael seemed unable to visit Anna.