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The Anti-Company movement was an etablished secret resistance funded by Aldo Burrows a former operative and assassin of The Company. The members of this movement consist of rogue Company operatives (Jane Phillips and Tom Paxton), executives, senators, and congressmen determined to take down the Company and their puppet: The president of the United States, Caroline Reynolds. This movement had many spies and operatives in the US watching high-ranked Company Executives and their secret operation. The members were not above violence, and sometimes resorted to killing Company members when it was necessary. The Anti-Company Movement worked with trusted government branches such as Homeland Security (including special agent Donald Self) and the United Nations (as UN's attaché Solomon Okela). &nbsp Before the double agent Leon killed all of Aldo Burrows' bodyguards their HQ was located in Trinidad, Colorado. The movement completely disbanded after the fall of The Company and all members were cleared of their crimes.

Known Safehouses

  • Trinidad,Colorado
  • Unknown Building in Miami,Florida



  • Cooper Green: Member of the justice departement - ALIVE
  • Frank Tancredi: Governor of the Illinois State, tried to expose the President's activities - DECEASED
  • Bruce Bennett: Governor's aid - DECEASED
  • Don Self: Homeland Security special agent - ALIVE (VEGETATED STATE)
  • Herb Stanton: Homeland Securtiy supervisor agent, tried to bring down the Company - DECEASED
  • Gretchen Morgan: former Company operative - INCARCERATED
  • Henry Pope: former Warden in Fox River, helped the brothers to find the VP's tape - ALIVE
  • Daniel Hale: former secret service assassin, try to expose the Conspiracy to Veronica Donovan - DECEASED
  • Tom Paxton: former secret service agent and Company operative, helped the brothers Lincoln and Michael to escape prison- ON THE RUN FROM THE COMPANY.
  • Jasper Potts:former Company's accountant who turned state evidence to the Homeland Security about SCYLLA-DECEASED