You maybe have been looking for Bo Cowler


Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Cell Test
Last appearance:   Brother's Keeper
Portrayed by:   Jason Wells

Bo was an undercover Company operative and eventually a secret service agent who was part in the sheme to frame Lincoln Burrows


Prior to Season 1Edit

Lincoln Burrows, a south-side banger, was in debt of 90 000 dollars to his boss Crab Simmons this money had serve to pay Michael's studies. One day Burrows came back to his apartment and find Crab and an unknown man called "Bo" this last announced that he had already paid Lincoln's dept and asking him a favor (kill Terence Steadman) otherwise he will find and kill the people that Lincoln loves. In fact Bo was an Company operative send to lure him into a trap and send him in Fox River. During their conversation in Lincoln's house Bo had set an operative in the building in front to take photo of Lincoln's clothes and dispose an jean full of blood in his bathroom. Shortafter he make Lincoln try different guns and consequently his imprints on the gun.


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