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Breakout Kings Season 1 is the first season of Breakout Kings.


At the start of shooting from season 1, they begin shooting at Pinewood.[1] Tori Larson revealed how her day with the production of Breakout Kings was.[2]




Gallery of production places


Episode Image Title Criminal(s)
01[3] Pilot-promo.jpg Pilot August Tillman
02[4] Collected1.jpg Collected Xavier Price
03[5] The Bag Man.jpg The Bag Man Theodore Bagwell
04[6] Out.jpg Out of the Mouth
of Babes
Joe Ramsey
05[7] Queen.jpg Queen of Hearts Lilah Tompkins
06[8] Like.jpg Like Father, Like Son Christian Beaumont
07[9] Fun-with-chemistry-promo.jpg Fun with Chemistry Marlon O'Connell
08[10] Steaks-promo.jpg Steaks Carl McCann
Oliver Day
09[11] One-for-the-money-promo.jpg One for the Money Andre Brennan
10[12] Paid-in-full-promo.jpg Paid in Full Virgil Downing
11[13] Off-the-beaten-path-promo.jpg Off the Beaten Path Bennett Ballester
12[14] There-are-rules-promo.jpg There are Rules Ronald Barnes
13[15] Where-in-the-world-is-carmen-vega-promo.jpg Where in the World
is Carmen Vega
Carmen Vega


  • Erica Reed has only missed the Pilot episode and thus hasn't appeared in all the episodes, which is actually the reverse of Philomena Rotchliffer, who appeared in 1 episode (and as second in a flashback).
  • Ray Zancanelli, Lloyd Lowery, Charlie DuChamp, Sean Daniels and Julianne Simms are the only characters who appeared in every episode of season 1.
  • Julianne and Vanessa are the only female characters who appeared in the season premiere and final.
    • However, Vanessa had appeared uncredited portrayed by another actress in the Pilot in a picture.
    • Julianne Simms in the female main character and female character to be credited in all the 13 episodes of Season 1.
  • This marks the last appearance of Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell and Fox River.
    • T-Bag is credited as Special Guest Star in this episode. This means that he was first a guest star, then a main character (following his second appearance) and then as last, a special guest star.
  • The only 5 characters who don't officially escape out prison are in order from episode: Theodore Bagwell, Lilah Tompkins, Christian Beaumont, Bennett Ballester and Carmen Vega.
    • Ironically enough, T-Bag escaped twice out prisons before (Fox River and Sona).
      • T-Bag escaped out of Fox River in the episode Go.
  • Charlie DuChamp is the first main character who kills someone on-screen in real time.
    • Erica Reed also killed 5 persons (only 1 was shown on-screen), but it wasn't in real time.
  • Philomena Rotchliffer is the only main character who didn't saw a death happen.
  • Ray Zancanelli and Sean Daniels both knew a criminal before the escape. Ray knew August Tillman and was responsible for his escape and Shea knew Carmen Vega.

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