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Breakout Kings Season 2 is the second season of Breakout Kings, which will appear in 2012.[2]


Main characters



Episode Image Title Criminal(s)
14[3]/1[4] An-unjust-death-promo.jpg An Unjust Death Damien Fontleroy
Brent Howson
15[5]/2[6] Round-two-promo.jpg Round Two Victor Mannion
Pat Duffy
Brody Ardell
16[7]/3[8] Double-down-promo.jpg Double Down Travis Muncey
17[9]/4[10] Cruz-control-promo.jpg Cruz Control Benecio Cruz
18[11]/5[12] Self-help-promo.jpg Self Help Ronnie Marcum
19[13]/6[14] [[File:|200px]] I Smell Emmy Emmy Sharp
20[15]/7[16] [[File:|200px]] Ain't Love 50 Grand Rodney Cain
21[17]/8[18] [[File:|200px]] SEALd Fate Jonah Whitman
22[19]/9[20] [[File:|200px]] Freakshow Max Doyle
23[21]/10[22] [[File:|200px]] Served Cold Damien Fontleroy


  • With the episode, Round Two, Charlie has been officially removed from the main character credits and it's also the first time that Charlie doesn't kill a Breakout Kings main villain.
    • With the episode, Double Down, it marks the first time that there isn't any appearance of Charlie at all or neither a mentioning.
  • Michael Scofield appears from archive footage out the episode Joh Doe in Freakshow.
  • Ray is the only main character who kills 2 Breakout Kings main villains who escaped from prison (and not indirectly). This characters are Benecio Cruz and Damien Fontleroy.

Behind the scenes

Jimmi Simpson revealed on Twitter that his character, Erica Reed and Sean Daniels would come back.
  • Laz Alonso confirmed that next season will be more about the personal lives of the characters. According to Laz: "You're going through see at one point a huge surpise throughout the season". He also tells that the audience will be shocked about what will be revealed about the characters.[23]
  • Jason Behr will be playing the character Darius in the season 2 premiere of Breakout Kings.
  • The 2nd season will have at least 10 episodes.[24]
  • An image from the actors Serinda Swan (Erica Reed), Jimmi Simpson (Lloyd Lowery) and Malcolm Goodwin (Sean Daniels), confirmed that this characters will appear back in season 2.[25]
  • Nick Santora said "No matter what happens in this last act - I love our entire main cast with all of my heart. My collegues and my friends.[26]
  • On 6 October 2011, it was revealed on that the season 2 premiere will be called An Unjust Death.
  • On 14 October 2011, the Twitter from Breakout Kings confirmed about the new criminal in the season 2 premiere called Darius.[27]
  • Laz Alonso confirmed about the new season will be shocked, thus meaning that he appears in the new season. Also, this was confirmed on 14 October.
  • Just like the first criminal August Tillman, he was played by a man named Jason. Jason Cerbone played August Tillman during season 1 as the first criminal seen in season 1, followed by Jason Behr, who will appear in the season 2 premiere as Darius.
  • On 11 December 2011, Nick Santora confirmed that Maricruz Delgado will come back.[28]
  • On 11 December 2011, actress Camille Guaty confirmed to be kissed with a girl. In her Tweet, she responded to Ever Carradine, who high likely will appear in the same episode, since Camille said "Our husbands will be proud".[29] This was confirmed later in her second tweet.[30]
  • On 11 December 2011, Domenick Lombardozzi confirmed that actor James DuMont will appear in Breakout Kings.[31]
  • A video teaser confirmed that one of the Breakout Kings members will die.[32]


Many fans are speculating about the Prison Break characters who may will come back:

  • Rockmond Dunbar who was known to play C-Note, is speculate to come back as the same character.[33]
    • Coincidentally or not, Rockmond got himself cast in the new movie from Christmas by Nick Santora, the producer of Prison Break and Breakout Kings.[34]
  • Camille Guaty is known to appear in season 2, because Nick Santora's tweet and therefore, fans are thinking that Sucre and Maricruz are coming back.[35]

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