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Christopher Trokey
Prison Break trokey.jpg

Current Status:   Alive
Crime(s):   Armed robbery
Sentence:   Five years
First appearance:   Pilot
Last appearance:   Go
Portrayed by:   Robert Michael Vieau

Christopher Trokey is a major character in the first season. He is played by starring cast member Robert Michael Vieau and debuts in the series premiere. Christopher was incarcerated in Fox River State Penitentiary on armed robbery charges and became a member of T-Bag's white supremacist gang, frequently backing Theodore up in fights and attacks on members of other races, eventually becoming his right-hand man. During the big riot, Trokey helped T-Bag force the guards to retreat from the A-wing. When Seth, tired of T-Bag's abuse tips off Bullock about the identity of Bob Hudson's murderer, T-Bag framed Trokey by putting a photo of Hudson's daughter under his bed. Guards escorted him away from his cell and locked him up into the Solitary Housing Unit. However, it was eventually discovered he was innocent and he was released from the SHU and put into a spare cell on his own. After this Trokey falls into a mostly background role for the remainder of the season and is usually seen hovering in the background with the other prisoners. The character disappears completely after the first season, remaining incarcerated in Fox River. He does not appear when Bellick is imprisoned during the second season.



  • Trokey replaced Maytag as T-Bag's inmate. It's unknown if he was a already a member of T-Bag's racist gang before being an inmate in the same cell as T-Bag.