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Contingency is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Prison Break, and the eighty-sixth episode overall. It is scheduled for broadcast in the United States on May 2, 2017 on FOX.


T-Bag shows Sara the photo of Jacob meeting with A&W and Van Gogh. Fearing for Mike's life, Sara rushes over to pick him up from his grandparents house where Jacob shows up. Sara refuses to listen as he explains he met with a cell technician named Andrew Nelson and was able to trace who hacked into the phone. Sara's friend encourages her to hear Jacob out and calls a friend that can verify if Andrew Nelson is legitimate. Sara and her friend visit Andrew, who confirms he did meet with Jacob and helped hack into the phone. Jacob later calls Sara from a police station where A&W and Van Gogh are among the line-up and are arrested. Jacob reveals that he had offered to paid them a large sum of cash to get them to back off Sara, showing that there was a tracker in the money that helped lead to their arrest.

Michael and Lincoln argue over whether the airport or train station is the best bet to avoid ISIL. Michael reveals that Poseidon had contacted him prior to his marriage to Sara and he was forced to fake his death and work for Poseidon after he got Sara incarcerated for Michael's refusal. Poseidon forced Michael to sever all contact with his family and break out various criminals in exchange for the freedom of himself and his family as part of 21 Void. Cyclops finds Michael's map at the auto shop and realizes that they are headed for the train station as it is the safest bet. Michael, Lincoln, Ja, Whip and Sid are found and take refuge inside of a nearby hospital. Ja uses an oxygen tank and rubbing alcohol to set a trap for two ISIL soldiers, allowing the five of them to escape.

Lincoln calls C-Note to meet them at the airport, and Sid is shot by Cyclops, who has overheard their conversation and calls his ISIL brothers to ambush them and the ones at the airport. Sid fights back against Cyclops and is fatally stabbed but not before handcuffing himself to Cyclops. Michael punches Cyclops and the group flees as Cyclops laughs that they will die. At the airport, the pilot refuses to wait the extra 20 minutes for the group. Lincoln tells C-Note and Sheba to leave the country and save the kids. Michael, Whip, Lincoln and Ja watch as ISIL vehicles approach the fence they are behind.


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