Crab Simmons
Normal 116-019

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   Brother's Keeper
Last appearance:   Brother's Keeper
Portrayed by:   Tab Baker

Crab Simmons was a south side gang banger and unwittingly worked with the Company to set up Burrows. He was approached by a government agent called Bo to help him frame Lincoln Burrows for the murder of the VP's brother. He's murdered by The Company and his death is hide an drug overdose. This was witnessed by his girlfriend, Leticia Barris, who Veronica Donovan later asked to help her clear Lincoln's name. According to Leticia it's impossible that Crab died of an overdose, because he had heart problems.


Season 1


Season 1

Season 4


  • Crab was mentioned by Lincoln in season 4 in a flashback.
  • Crab, the character had heart problems, just like the actor who played Crab, Tab Baker.
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