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Deal or No Deal
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Directed by: Bobby Roth
Written by: Christian Trokey
Airdate : 800px-Flag of the United States.svg.png December 1, 2008
Airdate : 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png December 2, 2008
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Season Four Episodes :
 1. Scylla
 2. Breaking and Entering
 3. Shut Down
 4. Eagles and Angels
 5. Safe and Sound
 6. Blow Out
 7. Five The Hard Way
 8. The Price
 9. Greatness Achieved
10. The Legend
11. Quiet Riot
12. Selfless
13. Deal or No Deal
14. Just Business
15. Going Under
16. The Sunshine State
17. The Mother Lode
18. VS.
19. Son of A Bitch
20. Cowboys and Indians
21. Rate of Exchange
22. Killing Your Number
23. The Old Ball and Chain
24. Free
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Deal or No Deal is the 70th episode of Prison Break


Self, having betrayed Scofield and the group, takes Scylla and tricks Homeland into thinking Lincoln and Scofield have killed their agents. Herb Stanton, Self's superior, calls Michael and demands their surrender.

Sucre and Mahone want to escape, but the others want to finish the job and take down The Company, and hopefully Self in the process. Meanwhile, Self has partnered up with an admiring T-Bag, and the two blackmail Gretchen into finding another buyer for Scylla now that Feng is dead.

The group arrange a meeting with Gretchen to discuss Self and potential Scylla buyers, but they are instead set up by Self, who lays a trap for them. Lincoln is then captured by Homeland agents. But when Lincoln is in their custody, they inform him that they have actually uncovered Self's ruse, and now want to work together with the group in exchange for their testimonies against Self.

Michael decides to go alone to meet with the Homeland agents, sending Mahone, Sucre, and Sara to a Greyhound station. However, the Homeland agents, realizing they could be facing severe charges for carrying out an unauthorized mission, plan instead on killing the group. When Michael realizes this, the pair are about to be killed at gunpoint when a Company spy saves them, intending to bring them back to the General. Sucre then shows up unexpectedly, Lincoln grabbed the Company agent's gun and killed him.

Self and Gretchen meet with a man known as Vikan to appraise Scylla. Vikan then informs Self that although he does have Scylla, a piece is missing. Michael, who had removed that piece and kept it for himself earlier, then receives a call from Self. When Self demands the return of the piece, Michael only replies, "Come and get it."[1]


"All the chess pieces are being relocated to set up another titanic collision."
The TV Critic's Review


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