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Debra Jean Belle
Pb Debra Jean Belle

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   2x2
Last appearance:   2x7
Portrayed by:   Kristin Malko

Debra Jean Belle is a student at St. Louis Tech who helped Tweener in his escape.


Season 2Edit

Early lifeEdit

Little is known about her family except the fact that her father is an Air Force Colonel.

Meeting TweenerEdit

Debra Jean posted an ad requesting someone to share ride expenses with to Utah. Tweener, one of the Fox River 8, in an effort to reach Utah to recover Westmoreland's five million dollars, responds to Debra Jean's ad. Debra Jean does show some initial suspicion but they wane and she becomes infatuated with him. Once Debra Jean Belle learns who Tweener is, she aids in his escape by "taking a walk" and leaving her car keys behind. Debra Jean Belle's only other appearance is after Tweener's capture by Mahone. Tweener, supposedly leading Mahone and his team of FBI agents to Michael Scofield, instead leads them to Debra Jean Belle's family home.


Debra Jean is proven to have quite a sense of humour.In her ad, it reads:

Driving Home to Utah "Don't Laugh" Looking for someone to share ride / split expenses. Debra Jean Belle 801-555-0199

She has a rebellious streak to her. In one of hers and Tweener's interactions, she says that not only did she tell her dad that she was sharing a room with a guy, but she was sharing the room with a guy she likes.


  • He uses the opportunity to apologise to her contributing to probably Prison Break's most prominent theme around the humanity of people and how humanity is thwarted within a prison system. In this case, both characters seem to sincerely care for each other despite their relatively short time together - for Tweener, Debra Jean Belle is a sort of redemption - for a young man who seems to consistently make bad decisions, Debra Jean Belle is truly his better half.

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