Blueprint of gate building

Section of blueprint on Gate`s main building

The GATE Corporation operates in Los Angeles, California. They are a sales company headed by Gregory White who places Cole Pfeiffer (T-bag in disguise) under Andrew Blauner, who is suspicious of him straight away. "GATE" allegedly stands for Greatness Achieved Through Excellence.


Season 3 Edit

Viewers are first brought to the attention of GATE in Season 3 when Michael takes a look at Whistler's bird book, although we do not see any more about GATE until Season 4.

Season 4 Edit

James Whistler was killed in the first episode of this season and he was the only person that knew the whereabouts of the entry point to The Company's HQ, which is through the GATE Corporation. T-Bag obtained the bird book back in Season 3 during the night of the escape and he was deciphering the book piece-by-piece, believing it would take him to Scofield, when in fact while it does lead him to Scofield, it also is revealed to contain blueprints for the underground of GATE.

Following the blueprints, T-Bag manages to get a full-time job at GATE as the number 1 top salesman. GATE's other known employees consist of the secretary, Agent Miriam Holtz, along with Cole Pfeiffer's boss, Gregory White, along with Andy (Cole's supervisor).

While at GATE, Scofield locates T-Bag's whereabouts and they discover that the entry point for the planned break-in to The Company's HQ starts in a secret latch in the GATE corporation, under the storage room in Cole Pfeiffer's cubical. The latch leads to an underground access tunnel leading to Scylla in a bunker below The Company's HQ.