Gregory White

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   Shut Down
Last appearance:   Selfless
Manner of Death:   Shot by Gretchen Morgan
Portrayed by:   Michael Bryan French

Gregory White was a high ranking administrator for the GATE Corporation. He was the main administrator of the GATE's Los Angeles branch. He was killed by Gretchen Morgan.



Gregory White was a high level administrator for GATE Corporation and the main administrator of the GATE's Los Angeles branch.

Season 4

He was first seen putting T-Bag in charge of his office until he got back from a cruise, believing that T-Bag was another businessman named Cole Pfeiffer. He wasn't seen again for while until a businessman by the name of Andrew Blauner was murdered and he was suspicous of T-Bag. The authorities never found any evidence to convict him, so Gregory began to trust him once again.

Gregory was extremly impressed with T-Bag when a speech he made landed the Company over $30,000 and he decided to reward T-Bag for it. However, later that same day, Gretchen arrived with MP5s and took the office hostage before Gregory could call the police. Miriam Holtz arrived to rescue the group and Gregory noticed that both T-Bag and Gretchen were arguing. Despite several protests from Trishanne, Gregory decided to make a run for freedom. Unfortunately, Gretchen spotted him running and gunned him down when he was halfway to the door.


Personality and traits

A middle aged, married and grey haired businessman, Gregory White appeared as a noble man with a sympathic and an encouraging behavior toward his employees. He's always promoting GATE's high value and his only weakness is his large trust toward his employees: effectively he blindly trust Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell under the identity of Cole Pfeiffer who conducted to White's death.

What was his job?


  • Gregory White appeared in the most episodes for a character being killed by Gretchen Morgan; with 6 episodes.
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