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Griffin Oren

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   Safe and Sound
Last appearance:   The Mother Lode
Manner of Death:   Shot by Christina Scofield's operative under orders from Christina Scofield
Portrayed by:   Shaun Duke

The Scylla Card Holders
General Jonathan KrantzStuart Tuxhorn
Lisa TabakGriffin Oren
Nathaniel EdisonHoward Scuderi

Griffin Oren was a Scylla cardholder and a high-ranking official for The Company.


After taking his picture using a camera phone, Michael had Roland enhance the image and when Agent Self saw the image recognized Griffin as a high ranking US Treasury Department worker. Don tried to carry the device into Oren's office but due to a high tech safe he was unable to copy the card.

The next day under a severe time crunch, Michael and Lincoln drilled into the back of the safe to copy the card, with Oren and the General on the other side of the wall. Sucre and Bellick covered the noise with a vacuum cleaner.

Later in the season, it is revealed that Griffen Oren was working with Christina Rose Scofield, and had planned to betray the General, who barely got away. Due to his failure, Christina gave the order for his driver to kill him.

Personality and traitsEdit

Griffin was a worker for the Company. He was one of the six Scylla-cardholders. He worked for a long time for Jonathan Krantz. However he betrayed him and choose to kill him. He worked for a short time for Christina Scofield. However she betrayed him and he was killed by the driver in the car.



  • At the time of copying his Scylla card, Michael and Lincoln were in the office of Sam Middleton. Griffin came later aware of this events after the Scylla was stolen.
  • Oren is the only cardholder to be revealed on-screen to betray the General. Tuxhorn's unknown party isn't revealed.
  • 2 Scylla card-holders died in back-to-back episodes. The first one was Griffin Oren in The Mother Lode and then Stuart Tuxhorn in VS.
  • Oren was high likely played by an unknown actor in episode 2.
  • Griffin Oren is the only Scylla-cardholder not be known in a relationship or a past relationship (Krantz had 2 children out a relationship, Lisa had with Erol Tabak, Stuart Tuxhorn had a son, Nathaniel was seen with his wife and Scuderi had also a wife).

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The Scylla Card Holders
General Jonathan KrantzStuart Tuxhorn
Lisa TabakGriffin Oren
Nathaniel EdisonHoward Scuderi
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