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Hector Avila
250px-Pb hector

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   1x2
Last appearance:   2x10
Portrayed by:   Kurt Caceres

Hector Avila is cousin and, later, nemesis to Fernando Sucre and the only relative of Sucre's that has no criminal record as of yet.



Hector lives near Brooklyn, NY. He sells insurance for Nasdaq. He's not very wise in many people's precision. He is partly responsible for the conviction of his cousin for robbery; he called in a police tip that led to Sucre's arrest outside a liquor store. It is clear that the reason behind Hector's callousness towards his cousin stems from a romantic interest in Sucre's girlfriend Maricruz Delgado, it has also been suggested that Hector's move to New York City was due to Maricruz accepting a job as a buyer for a fashion outlet in Manhattan and his job at the stock market.

In the three years since Sucre met Maricruz, Hector has been determined to destroy their relationship. Hector often suggested to Sucre that he couldn't maintain a relationship with Maricruz financially, under the pretext that he was "looking out" for his cousin's interests.

Season 1Edit

After his cousin's incarceration in Fox River State Penitentiary, it became relatively easy to create tension between Sucre and his girlfriend. For instance Hector created spurious lies that Sucre had been received visits from Rita Saldana whilst inside prison. Hector was also prepared to drive across state lines to take Maricruz to see Sucre, roughly 500 miles "to be friends", as Sucre points out. (1x1) Eventually, Hector succeeded in separating Maricruz and Sucre and in starting a relationship of his own with Maricruz. Later, Hector visited his cousin in Fox River to tell Sucre that Maricruz was no longer with him. Hector considers himself as representing "stability", in contrast he sees his cousin as merely a convict that can do nothing for Maricruz. (1x4)

Season 2Edit

After Sucre's infamous escape, Hector was engaged to be married with Maricruz in Las Vegas, Nevada; but when Sucre showed up at the wedding, Maricruz called it off. Hector storms into Theresa's home and demands to know where Maricruz is. He finds her travel itinerary and yells that she is taking their honeymoon trip without him, but paid for with his money.He left the house and was never seen again despite how he looked as if he was going to chase both Sucre and Maricruz down. (2x10)


Season 1Edit

  • Pilot (Mentioned only)
  • Allen (First appearance)
  • Brother's Keeper

Season 2Edit

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