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Lisa Rix
Normal 108-466

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   1x1
Last appearance:   1x8
Manner of Death:   Shot by Daniel Hale
Portrayed by:   Jessalyn Gilsig

Lisa Rix was LJ's mother and Lincoln's ex-wife. After divorcing with Lincoln, she married Adrian Rix, much to LJ's dislike. LJ was caught buying marijuana and she decided to send LJ to meet his father, Lincoln in prison. She was killed by Daniel Hale, Adrian was killed by Paul Kellerman. Their murders were framed on LJ, thus starting LJ's fugitive life.




Lisa Rix was the ex-wife of Lincoln Burrows and the mother of LJ. After she and Lincoln divorced, she had a relation with Adrian Rix. She was a part-time French Teacher.

Season 1 Edit

Lisa Rix was the mother of LJ and wife of Adrian Rix. She also hated the fact that L. J. Burrows hated Adrian Rix. She was then seen again coming home from shopping and much to her horror, saw L. J. Burrows being held at gunpoint by Daniel Hale. She was then instructed by Hale to drop the phone and she didn't so Hale pointed the gun towards her. Although, L. J. Burrows managed to throw a bottle at Daniel Hale and escape into the basement, Lisa Rix called 911 and as a result, was shot in the head and killed by Daniel Hale.


Season 4Edit


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