Matt Olmstead
Matt Olmstead

Matt Olmstead is one of the executive producers and writers for the show.


He graduated from California State University, Chico. He is an alumnus of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. He went to Hollywood in hopes of being a script writer. In 1993, Olmstead eventually worked with an agent, who set him up with Steven Bochco. After 10 minutes of talking, Bochco offered him to write an episode for the show NYPD Blue. Later Olmstead became an Executive Producer of NYPD Blue, and became a Producer in 2002. He also worked as a writer and producer for NYPD 2069 in 2004. In 2005, he was one of the creators of the show Blind Justice but, the show was cancelled in June 2005 after just 13 episodes.

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