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Naveen Banerjee

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   Versus
Last appearance:   S.O.B.
Manner of Death:   Shot by Christina Scofield's henchman
Portrayed by:   Anthony Azizi

Naveen Banerjee was a man who worked with Christina Scofield before he was killed. He was the son of one of India's most important minister and he was a very famous scientist.




Naveen Banarjee was the son of Nandu Banarjee, India's Prime Minister.

Season 4Edit

Naveen dealing with Christina


After his death, Christina Scofield talked with his father about him. Also, Lincoln and Michael were followed by police.



  • Naveen's death marks the second time that Lincoln Burrows is in a crime (murdering Naveen) that he didn't commit. The first time was in Terrence Steadman's death.
  • Naveen's death marks the second time that Michael is involved in a death that he didn't commit. The first time was in William Kim's death.
  • Naveen's death marks the only time that both Alexander Mahone and Donald Self were involved in a murder they didn't committed.
    • Ironically enough, Mahone killed in the episode which he first appeared and both Mahone and Self did kill in the episode after his death.
    • Naveen is the second Indian to be killed on prison break after Marvin Gudat. The only difference is that Marvin Gudat was killed by a main character (Theodore Bagwell).
      • Coincidentally, both men were killed by Company men, although T-Bag didn't work for the Company at the time he killed Marvin Gudat.