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The Paper Crane first seen during the opening credits of Season 1

The paper crane is an origami crane used as a sign of watching over someone.


Season 1Edit

Michael prominently left paper cranes in various places such as The letter including files and pictures of Fibonaci in witness protection to one of Abruzzi's henchmen, On John's table when they first met. Sara's table, Lincoln's cell and Sucre's bed.

When Michael was younger, Lincoln always left a paper crane in his room whenever he had to leave.

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Michael throws a crane into one of the Fox River sewers.

Season 2Edit

Michael sent Sara some coded paper cranes with coded messages to communicate.

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Sara receives a paper crane from Michael with 2 messages: 1 showing he cares for her and he didn't just use her, the other is a code.

Season 3Edit

Before Michael had a fight with World, he had a paper crane in his hand..

Season 4Edit

Four years after the series in Panama, Lincoln places a crane over Michael's Grave before spending time on the beach with Sara, Sucre, Mahone and playing with his nephew.


Season 1Edit

  • Pilot (First appearance)

Season 4Edit