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Paul Scheuring

Paul T. Scheuring is the creator of "Prison Break" and he is also an executive producer and writer of the series.


Scheuring was born in Aurora, Illinois. Prior to his success, he had attended the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television and has worked as a courier, cable installer and factory worker. After working on "36K" in 2000 and "A Man Apart" in 2003, Scheuring made his first attempt to be a television show writer. After developing an idea given to him by a female colleague into a miniseries screenplay called "Prison Break", he approached the Fox network with the script but was turned down due to its unconventional storyline. However, in 2004, after the successful premiere of Lost, Fox backed Prison Break's production and the first episode was aired approximately twenty months after Scheuring had written the script. The series proceeded to win the 2006 People's Choice Awards for Favorite New TV Drama and was nominated for Best Drama Television Series at the 2006 Golden Globe Awards. Moreover, "Prison Break" was continued by another 4 seasons, currently the beginning of season 5 is broadcasting in the USA.

Scheuring has also co-written "Mexicali" which was released in 2008.


He was the executive producer of all current episodes of "Prison Break". He was credited as a writer for the following episodes:


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