Peter Stormare
Peter stormare
Peter Stormare
Character 1 John Abruzzi
Character 2 John Abruzzi (The Conspiracy)
Date of Birth 27 August, 1953,
Arbrå, Sweden
Karen Sillas (ex-wife),
Kelley Stormare
Toshimi Stormare (wife)
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Peter Stormare portrayed John Abruzzi during season 1 and season 2. Stormare also appeared in archive footage during season 2 and season 4 (Shut Down). Stormare did 4 years later, the voice of Abruzzi in Prison Break: The Conspiracy game.




Behind the scenes

  • Peter appeared for the last time as John Abruzzi in 2006. 4 years later, he did do the voice actor of John Abruzzi's counterpart in the game.
  • Abruzzi is the second mob boss portrayed by Stormare, the other is Alexei in Bad Boys 2 and the two suffered similar fates:
    • Abruzzi: Is a powerful Italian mob boss who's under pression of his superiors. He had a family which he loved.
      • Alexei: Was a Russian mobster under the pression of others mobsters. He had a family that he loved.
    • Abruzzi is trapped and held at gun point by S.W.A.T officers and was shot down because he tried to kill them.
      • Alexei drunk is held at gun point by 4 S.W.A.T. members and he is gunned down because he shot at them.
  • Peter did met William Fichtner prior to show: 7 years in 1998 in Armageddon.[1]

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