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Philly Falzone
Pb falzone

Current Status:   Alive, serving
Parole Violation
Weapon Possession
Attempted Murder
Sentence:   minimum 5 years
First appearance:   Allen
Portrayed by:   Al Sapienza

Philly Falzone became boss of Abruzzi Mafia Family after John Abruzzi was sent to prison for 120 years. It is possible that he was Underboss for John Abruzzi when John Abruzzi was the boss before Abruzzi got his long prison sentence. He frequently pressured Abruzzi to locate Otto Fibonacci, who witnessed their wrongdoings, before the trial that will incriminate him. He was tricked by Michael and Abruzzi to go to Canada to find Fibonacci and was then arrested. He was a mobster and was all talk and made empty threats. It was then revealed by John Abruzzi that he was arrested and sentenced to 5 years. He was incarcerated in Fox River State Penitentiary.


Season 1Edit

Philly Falzone is seen multiple times visiting his gang member John Abruzzi at Fox River State Penitentiary numerous times. He keeps pressuring John Abruzzi to locate where Otto Fibonacci is. Philly Falzone was hunting down Otto Fibonacci so that he could execute him. He was seen numerous times talking with John Abruzzi and telling him to find Fibonacci. He then spoke to Michael Scofield who tricked him into going to Canada and eventually getting arrested. He was locked up in Fox River State Penitentiary for 5 years.


  • Allen (First appearance)