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Prison Break: The Classified FBI Files
Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster
Publish Date
8 May 2007

Prison Break: The Classified FBI Files is a book written by Paul Ruditis about the show Prison Break. It has 224 pages, and was published exclusively in the UK. The book features contributions from Christian Trokey, Kalinda Vazquez, and Tim Morgan. A bonus DVD was packaged with it.

The book resembles fictional FBI files on The Fox River Eight, as well as other persons of interest to the escape.

Bonus DVD

Bonus DVD content

The book included a bonus DVD, which featured the following content:

  • Foreign language clips: including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese versions of the same minute long clip.
  • The season two wrap party (9:51)


The ratings were very good. Many readers say it is a good book.[1] [2]


  • While the bonus DVD describes it as the season one wrap party, the video is clearly the season two wrap party, as all the actors discuss the season.

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