Canon is the noun used by Prison Break Wiki to describe information that is known to be officially part of the Prison Break universe. Only canonical storyline information may be stated as fact on Prison Break Wiki.

The primary purpose of this article is to note:

  1. What storyline information is or is not considered "canon" by Prison Break Wiki
  2. Which source takes precedence in cases of conflict of information from various otherwise valid sources.

It is important to note that when no conflict of storyline information exists, and when the source of such information is other than the episode, Prison Break Wiki's judgement in this Canon policy is ultimately an arbitrary one that has no other use than self-consistency within this website only.

In other words the purpose of this policy article is not to judge what information may be considered "real" in the fictional universe of the storyline of Prison Break.

Neither is the purpose of this article to exhaustively compare all potential and future sources of storyline information; as sources of information change and evolve, site policy may therefore also be subject to change.

Broadly speaking, canonical information is always approved by the creative staff of Prison Break (the creators, directors, and writers) and released through various official outlets. Information from other people and/or other outlets is considered "non-canon".

The primary official outlet is the television episode. Other official outlets include press releases, websites, podcasts, interviews, books, DVDs, and non-television episodes. If canonical information conflicts itself, information from the television episodes takes precedence. If two episodes contradict each other, the more recent broadcast takes precedence. If multiple contradict one other, the information in multiple episodes takes precedence (no matter the broadcast order). When citing canonical information on Prison Break Wiki, always indicate the outlet it originated from (episode name, podcast number, etc.).

Other non-canonical or semi-canonical information can be included in Lostpedia when properly marked with sources cited.