Prison Slangs are used throughout the first season inside Fox River as a part of the prison's culture.


7-UP: A correctional officer is approaching.


At the gate : Released from prison. Ad Seg : Administrative Segregation.


Badge: A correctional officer.
Beef: Conflict; a score to settle.
The block : Cell Block.
Bone yard: Family (conjugal) visiting area.
Boss: A correctional officer.
Bust a grape: To challenge another inmate to take physical action. birds picking up seeds: inmates around you are listing in, on what you are you saying


Cellie: Cellmate.
C.O.: Correctional Officer.
Count: The institutional count, repeated at different times in the day to make sure no one is missing.


Dead: To deprive an inmate of privileges or possessions.
DIRT (Disciplinary Intervention and Response Team): Specially trained correctional officers who are utilized in shakedowns, riots, etc.


Fish: A new prisoner.


Gen Pop (General Population): The mainline. Prisoners who can mix with other prisoners.
Got nothing coming: Common prison term indicating that an inmate is not deserving of regular issue or privileges.


Hawged: To have something taken away.
Hot shot: Pepper spray.


Kick: Banking account for inmates, used to purchase goods from the commissary.


Lockdown: The policy of confining a group of prisoners or an entire prison to cells. This is generally done in response to unrest or emergency.


P.I. (Prison Industries): The prison-run work program for inmates.


Roll it up: Order by an officer for a prisoner to move out of an area.


Shakedown: A search of a cell by correctional officers.
Shank: Handmade prison weapon.
SHU (Segregated Housing Unit): Pronounced shoe, prisoners can be placed there as punishment, or if they pose a threat to prison security. The SHU is characterized by almost total isolation, sensory deprivation and a limited access to programs.
Snowflake: Derogatory term for a Caucasian.
Split your wig: A quick punch to the head.


Talkin' out the side of your neck: A phrase officers use to express disbelief in what an inmate is saying.
Ticket: Prison sentence.
Trunking: The practice of sneaking contraband by hiding it in one’s rear.

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