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Robert Knepper
Biographical information

8 July 1959


Robert Knepper played Theodore Bagwell during seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Prison Break: The Final Break and Breakout Kings. He played Theodore Bagwell's game counterpart when he did the voice of T-Bag.



Robert Knepper was born as son of Donald Knepper and Pat Deck. He did get a relation with Tori Herald, related to Michael Herald and Peter V. Herald. He got with her a son, Benjamin Peter Knepper.


Personal life

Robert Knepper has a personal relationship with Tori Knepper. Robert has with her a son, Ben Knepper. Robert is the son of Donald Knepper and Pat Deck, who died in 2003. His brother-in-law is Michael Herald and his son-in-law is Peter V. Herald.


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