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Sammy Norino
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Cause of death:

Collapses tunnel
by Michael Scofield[1]

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Dirt Nap

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Portrayed by:

Laurence Mason

Stunt doubles:
  • Horace Knight[2]
  • Aaron Toney[3]

Sammy Norino[4] was a Trinidad inmate in Sona and was one of Lechero's inner circle of friends. When T-Bag became a part of the gang, Sammy tried to force T-Bag with a fight, but Lechero stopped this on time. Sammy later betrayed Lechero and even tried to kill him, but out of respect he let him go free. Sammy then died in a tunnel as his plan was foiled by Michael (who sabotaged the tunnel).



Sammy was at one point in his life a member of Lechero's gang. He befriended Papo, Juan Nieves and Cheo. For some reason, Sammy got in a fight with Marcel.

Season 2

When Michael Scofield came to Sona, Sammy and Marcel were already fighting.

Season 3

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Lechero pushed Sammy, an unnamed Sona Inmate, Cristobal and Cyrus out "his house" and the other inmates were scared for him and his group.


Season 3


  • Sammy is the first character to be killed on-screen by Michael Scofield (not counting Stroker and 2 Company operatives who died because of him and Theo who died off-screen).
  • Sammy marks also the first time that Michael killed someone in prison on-screen.
  • Sammy didn't appear in Under and Out, however, he did appear on the Previously on Prison Break from the episode.
  • Sammy broke a rule in Sona, along with another Sona Inmate (who was white) who attacked Brad Bellick, and he did not go with the Chicken Foot.
    • He didn't kill this guy, but another guy instead.
  • Sammy along with non-canon-character Tom Paxton and canon-characters T-Bag and Mahone have killed characters by breaking their neck.
  • Sammy along with Cheo were involved in Augusto's business, which lead to their death.
    • Ironically, Sammy didn't care at all about Cheo's death.
  • Sammy along with Frank Tancredi and Sona Inmate without shirt appeared in 10 episodes.
    • Sammy and Sona Inmate without shirt were both antagonists.
    • Sammy and Sona Inmate without shirt were both Sona inmates.
  • Sammy is the only Sona inmate to be killed by James Whistler.
  • Sammy is the third inmate to be killed by Mahone. The first one is World, then Andrew Tyge, and the last one is a Sona inmate.
  • Sammy is the second member killed by Mahone, while being a part of Lechero's gang. The first one is World.
  • Sammy is the second member of Lechero's gang to be killed by Lechero. The first one is Cheo.
  • Sammy is a bit similair to Trumpets; both men worked for an Afro-American (C-Note and Lechero), both men hated Theodore Bagwell and both men betrayed their gang, by betraying their leader.
  • It is likely that Sammy is the Sona counterpart of Brad Bellick (Both men were motivated by power, wanting to take over and lead their respective prisons).

Behind the scenes

Laurence Mason's stunt double plays Sammy when he's pushed away on the ground.
  • The Prison Break Season 3 DVD shows an extra in which a stunt double plays in Sammy's death. He could be Aaron Tony.
  • When Lechero pushes Sammy on the ground, a stunt double can be seen. Also note that an extra showed Robert Wisdom doing this with them not really pushed on the ground.

Notes and references

  1. Although he was killed Michael; Mahone, Whistler and Lechero helped him, only being unaware of that that he would ended up killing him.
  4. In the episode Bang and Burn, Lechero mentioned him as Norino. Thus meaning this is surename.

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