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Season 2 consists of a total of 22 episodes and was first aired from August 21, 2006 to April 2, 2007. It directly follows the prison break from the first season. A new major character is introduced, who is FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone, portrayed by William Fichtner. The first half of the season revolves around the escapees' journey to their family, Westmoreland's money and Michael's plan to escape the country. The second half of the season focuses on the conspiracy plot of the series. The season's plot spans approximately three weeks of the characters' lives.


Main cast

Recurring cast


The story continues eight hours after the prison escape from Fox River State Penitentiary, focusing mainly on the escapees. The fugitives journey to locations across America with the authorities close behind them as they each pursue their individual goals. Meanwhile, the conspiracy plot develops as "The Company" continues their plan to locate and eliminate Lincoln Burrows and others who get in their way. Much of the storyline concerning the conspiracy concludes by the season finale.



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