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Season 6 of Prison Break will not be happening as Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell both pulled out of the TV series. Read below for more.


Season 6 was announced in January 2018 at the Television Critics Association winter press tour by Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn who stated a "new iteration" was in development and "it would not be an entirely new cast."

On March 11, 2018, Paul Scheuring confirmed that he had finished the script for the first episode on Twitter, and went on state there was a "50-150 percent chance" of Alexander Mahone involvement.

On March 21, Scheuring tweeted "We're going back to the beginning. Literally the very first frames," and later added "Mahone."

In August 2019, Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said there were no plans for Prison Break.

“There’s no plan right now to revive Prison Break or any of the other franchises, but when the creators come with a story that they think is the right time to tell, we are so ready to listen because those are some franchises of which I’m so proud and feel so fortunate that they’re in our stable,” Collier said.

In January 2020, Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn weighed in:

“We continue to talk about 24 and Prison Break as potential spinoffs,” Thorn told Deadline. “There is nothing that is ready to announce..."

In November 2020, Wentworth Miller released a statement on social media, saying he was done with Prison Break forever. "On a related note... I'm out. Of PB. Officially. Not bec of static on social media (although that has centered the issue). I just don't want to play straight characters. Their stories have been told (and told). So. No more Michael. If you were a fan of the show, hoping for additional seasons... I understand this is disappointing. I'm sorry. If you're hot and bothered bec you fell in love with a fictional straight man played by a real gay one...That's your work. - W.M."

Dominic Purcell posted a video in the following days in support of Wentworth.

"I cannot persuade, nor would I even attempt to persuade him to betray his truth," Purcell said. "So, that's it, six isn't gonna happen, and if it does happen it's not gonna happen with myself or Wentworth because I'm loyal to Wentworth."


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