Tab Baker
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15 November 1959


9 August 2010


Crab Simmons

Tab Baker also known as Terrence Alonzo Baker is the actor who portrayed Crab Simmons in Season 1. Tab Baker died on 9 August[3] 2010[4].


Early life

Tab Baker was the brother of Jacinta Latimore and Anita Townsend and he had 5 brothers and 1 daughter[5]. He had a businesspartner, Mike Jablonski and long-time agent Linda Jack. Tab was also good in computer work. Tab was born in Chicago and worked for many theatres[6]. Tab also lived in a Christian home. He was an Award-winning actor[7].


Tab Baker portrayed in the Gladiator as Storm Trooper. In other roles in Due South as Lou Robbins, Hoodlum as Willie Brunder, in Cupid (which also starred Paul Adelstein) as Vaughn, as in Save the Last Dance as Mr. Campbell, in Just Visiting as Cabbie, in ER as Vendor, in The Ice Harvest as Dennis, in ' Prison Break as Crab Simmons, in Stranger Than Fiction as Demolition Crew #2, Early Edition (which also starred Peter J. Reinemann) as unknown role and in Death of a President as Hat Man.


Tab Baker died on a Tuesday[8] in his apartment. He died on an age of 50 or 51. He died on a heart attack. He was saved by his five brothers, daughter and four sisters[9]. His parents were at that time dead[10]. On Tuesday people could go viewing, from 3 to 9 p.m. and Wednesday for the visitation, from 1 to 2 p.m., and funeral, from 2 to 3 p.m at A.A. Rayner and Sons Funeral Home on 18 August[11].

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