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The Fox River Eight
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Escaping from Fox River

The Fox River Eight was the name the media gave to the eight convicts that notoriously broke out of the Fox River State Penitentiary. These eight fugitives had been chased the moment they got over the prison walls.


2005 in Fox River

The events began when Lincoln Burrows was sentenced to be executed and held at Fox River. Michael Scofield, Lincoln's brother, believing him innocent, conceived of a plan to break his brother out. The plan started with Scofield robbing a bank and getting himself placed at Fox River. Ten inmates were eventually brought into this plan and attempted escape. Two of the ten did not succeed in the escape. Charles Westmoreland died of a wound the night of the escape. Manche Sanchez was caught. Out of the eight that did escape beyond the prison walls, Haywire, Tweener and T-Bag wound up alone. The other five made it to an airfield where the plan was for them to catch a plane that had been arranged by Abruzzi. They missed the plane that was supposed to take them away and had to run. The escapees ultimately went their own ways (except for the brothers Michael and Lincoln). They would gather again to search for Westmoreland's money stash. FBI Agent Alexander Mahone killed Tweener and Haywire. C-Note was put in the witness protection program for protection against Mahone. Michael and T-Bag got incarcerated in a prison in Panama, Sona. Michael later escapes and Fernando is put into Sona. At this time, Lincoln was cleared of all charges and lived in Panama. Three days after Michael escaped Sona, T-Bag and Sucre escape as well. The three escapees continued to elude authorities. In the end, Michael and Sucre are exonerated after Scylla was handed over to the government, and T-Bag is returned to prison at Fox River. Michael, Lincoln, Sucre and C-Note the only living members of the Fox River Eight. However T-Bag was made it out of Fox River, but was sent back by Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows.


Only Benjamin Franklin, Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows and Fernando Sucre were exonerated and were not incarcerated or killed by the end of the season 4. Haywire committed suicide. David Apolskis was murdered by Alexander Mahone. Abruzzi was gunned down by SWAT. T-Bag was sent back to Fox River.

T-Bag escaped from Fox River again in 2011 but was recaptured. He was released in 2017, only to sent back a few days later.


Picture Name At Fox River First Episode Number Status
Michael Scofield Season 4.JPG Michael Scofield Michael planned the original escape, intending to free Lincoln Burrows, his brother, because he was framed for a murder he didn't commit. Michael was later exonerated of all charges. Pilot 1 Exonerated
Lincoln Burrows Season 4.JPG Lincoln Burrows Lincoln, along with Michael and Abruzzi, was the only person intended to be freed from the very beginning, since he was the whole reason the breakout was planned. Lincoln was later exonerated of all charges. Pilot 2 Exonerated
41635.jpg John Abruzzi Abruzzi was an intended part of the plan from the very beginning, thanks to his connections on the outside. After the escape, Abruzzi is cornered at a hotel while looking for Fibonacci, and is killed by several FBI agents. Pilot 3 Deceased
Fernando Sucre Season 4.JPG Fernando Sucre Sucre was let into the plan simply because he shared a cell with Michael. Although he was reluctant to join at first, even transferring out to get away from Michael, he eventually came around to the idea. His girlfriend (later wife) being his main motivation. Pilot 4 Exonerated
Theodore Bagwell Season 4.JPG Theodore Bagwell Bagwell was let in on the plan after he found the hole in Scofield's cell and threatened to rat if he wasn't let in on it. Eventually, he is captured, and the group chooses to send him back instead of having him exonerated with them. Later, he escapes Fox River to visit his mother, but is recaptured. He is officially released in 2017, however he is soon re-imprisoned for the death of A&W. Allen 5 Deceased
Rockmond dunbar prison break.jpg Benjamin Franklin C-Note was only let in on the plan because he threatened to tell the guards of the PI crew's true reason for being in the guard's room. After the escape, he is captured, but all charges are dropped when he reveals secrets about Alexander Mahone. Pilot 6 Exonerated
Garrison06112006.jpg David Apolskis Michael let Tweener in on the plan because he felt sorry for him. Apolskis is eventually recaptured, and is offered a lighter sentence if he leads the cops to the rest of the group. However, he instead goes to Debra Jean's house, and on the ride back, Mahone kills him. Tweener 9 Deceased
Patoshik.png Charles Patoshik Patoshik was temporarily Michael's cellmate, but was removed for trying to decipher the tattoo. Later, he draws a missing part of the map, but is then set up. He escaped because he tagged along as the breakout occurred . Later, he is goaded into jumping to his death by Mahone. Cell Test 10 Deceased

Attempted Escapees

Picture Name At Fox River First Episode Number Status
250px-Pb westmoreland.jpg Charles Westmoreland Charles was offered a role in the escape because he was believed to be D.B. Cooper. He refused, but later reconsidered, proving he was Cooper so he'd be accepted. After a fight with Bellick, he bled throughout the escape, and died in the infirmary, thus he is not one of the eight. Pilot 7 Deceased
Normal ep203 100.jpg Manche Sanchez Sanchez was let into the plan by Linc because he refused to relay a message to Michael until he was informed of their activities. He helped frame Geary and got Michael out of the Psych ward. The cable broke as he crossed and he was recaptured, so he isn't one of the eight. Later on, Bellick bribes him with a reduced sentence in a lower security prison for information on Sucre. By the Skin and the Teeth 8 Incarcerated


Prison Break universe

Breakout Kings


  • The only members who are not brought to prison or are dead are Benjamin Franklin, Fernando Sucre, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows.
  • Half of the Fox River Eight were dead by the end of the series: John Abruzzi, David Apolskis,Charles Patoshik and T-Bag.
  • John Abruzzi and Charles Patoshik are the only ones who didn't look for Charles Westmoreland's $5 million.
  • In order who was first captured except C-Note, because he was set free (from season 2):
    • John Abruzzi was killed in the 4 episode of season 2.
    • David Apolskis was killed 3 episodes later.
    • Charles Patoshik was killed 9 episodes later.
  • Michael and Tweener were later in prison after Haywire, C-Note, Sucre, Lincoln, T-Bag and John Abruzzi.
  • Charles Patoshik and John Abruzzi were the only two members of the Fox River Eight to not be arrested following the escape. Michael, Tweener, T-Bag, C-Note, Lincoln, and Sucre were all arrested at some point.
  • Fernando Sucre went the longest out of any of the Fox River Eight members without being apprehended by police. His first time being arrested following the escape was in the Season 3 episode The Art of the Deal.
    • Sucre was stopped by police officers a few times in Season 2, but wasn't arrested.
  • Theodore Bagwell is the only member of the Fox River Eight to be sent back to Fox River as he was denied an exoneration in the series finale. 
  • Theodore Bagwell and Fernando Sucre were the only Fox River 8 escapees who were never captured by Alexander Mahone. Michael and Lincoln were temporarily recaptured, but escaped.
  • 3 of the Fox River 8 escapees were leaders of prison gangs in Fox River: Theodore Bagwell, Benjamin Franklin, and John Abruzzi.