Theresa Delgado
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Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   2x5
Last appearance:   4x1
Portrayed by:   Rachel Loera

Theresa Delgado is Maricruz Delgado's sister and screwed Fernando Sucre over several times


Season 2Edit

In the episode "Map 1213", after finding the correct chapel where Hector and Maricruz are getting married, Sucre immediately goes there and meets Theresa, who tells him that Maricruz is taking photographs with her parents and that he must wait. Hector comes in and tells Sucre that Maricruz will be with them shortly. Sucre angrily tells Hector that he will not be raising his and Maricruz's child. When he hears the police siren, Sucre realizes that Hector had betrayed him once again and knocks him out in one punch. Seeing Theresa outside the room, Sucre asks if she had told Maricruz he was here. When she nods, he pulls his crucifix necklace off his neck and places it in Theresa's hand before riding away. In "Rendezvous", Sucre called Theresa in Dinosaur, Nebraska. Theresa tells him that she and Maricruz are leaving on a trip to Ixtapa, Mexico but Sucre insists that Maricruz has to call him back on this payphone. Theresa's last appearance is in "Bad Blood", where she accompanies her sister to wait for Sucre in an Ixtapa, Mexico airport.

Season 4Edit